A left-leaning, party-neutral political blog, used as a mechanism to encourage debate, independent thought and political activism.

I have a background and keen interest in political strategy, speech writing and debate. My focus areas are based on advocating the social rights of the individual and improving accountability, responsibility and fairness for any institution, be they public or private, that brings together society at large. Primarily, I am a keen advocate of same-sex marriage, the green agenda, drug law reform, anti-racism, the right to protest and bringing justice to victims of sex crimes. Additionally, I am a critic of mass consumerism, unaccountable capitalism and the power that lobbyists hold over government. I am not a socialist, a communist or any other ist – I am my own person, capable of independent thought, and those thoughts promote the shared enrichment of society at large rather than my own personal gain. Whilst this is a personal blog, I encourage responses from others who are their own person, capable of independent thought.

This blog will therefore aim to bring to light discussions based on the topics above, using peer-reviewed facts from (where possible) unbiased sources, to facilitate dialogue between supporters and critics of progressive politics. Anyone who agrees, disagrees or would like to add more to the debate should do so – debate and discussion will eventually eliminate ignorance, whether that be my own, you the poster or the anonymous reader. This blog will champion the importance of facts in rational debate. Under no circumstances will opinion be presented as fact.

Finally, this blog is not affiliated with any political party, think tank, pressure group, trade union, private company, government body or institution which may have a vested interest in any of my publications. I am a one man band who is simply part of a growing community that holds a resentment about the state of modern day politics in our country and a genuine concern for the future generations.Together we fight for a better future.

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