Obama ducks the issue on gun control


For the “strongest call for change in gun policy of any political leader in a generation” President Obama doesn’t really outline how America can stop the barrage of gun massacres beyond seemingly pleading to would-be mass murderers to be a bit nicer. Nothing on gun regulation, law changes, constitutional changes or anything concrete that could prevent further killings of innocents.

Public support for gun control in the US has declined remarkably over the past couple of decades, but what would you expect when the Democrats refuse to breach the subject, perceiving it a vote loser?

Obama has just been given the mandate to govern for a second and term and yet his reaction to the Sandy Hook massacre and those before it is nothing more than total non-committment. Obama should be fighting to promote the truth that the second amendment is no longer fit for purpose, nor is it a marker of freedom, indepedence, liberty or any other keyword for Americans to maintain a failing status quo.


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