Sometimes other people say it better…

Websites: – Campaign website aiming to ensure that we’re properly represented by our representative democracy. – Same-sex marriage activist group. – Perhaps the worlds most famous intellectual egalitarian. –  An anti-rape political group (with a support section for victims) acting against the trivialisation of rape in politics and the media. – Campaign group for the abolition of the monarchy, replacing it with an elected head of state and a new democratic constitution. – National Assembly Against Racism. An anti-racism and anti-fascist pressure group. – Naomi Klein, a social activist with some interesting takes on specific criticisms of Capitalism. – Arguing for the legalisation and regulation of illicit drugs, Transform Drug Policy Foundation brings rationality into a debate which is marred by sensationalism. – An online database of drug information for the purpose of harm reduction. – A bottom-up, leaderless, peaceful direct action group aimed at bringing to debate the issue of corporate tax avoidance. – Ground level information on the effects of the austerity drive dominating Western politics at the moment. – Roundup of various news stories from a left leaning perspective. – Unite Against Fascism. An umbrella pressure group against the rise of the ‘legitimate’ far right, most notably the BNP and EDL.

Blogs: – David Nutt (Former Chairman of the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs). Supporter of evidence based legislation and harm reduction.

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